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Experience the ultimate in cosmetic brush cleaning with 6 versatile zones, effortless installation, and folding convenience. Crafted from eco-friendly, safe Silica gel, it’s gentle on your skin and brushes, while the 5 suction cups ensure easy cleaning by attaching to plastic plates or sinks. Comes in 4 different colours

Used With: Cleaning Makeup Brushes
Color: White / Purple / Pink / Green
Material: environmental protection silicone

How to use
1. Pour some cleaner on the cleaning pad.
2. Gently move the brush on the clean pad in a circular motion until it picks up all the product left over from the bristles.
3. Rinse the brush. Repeat as necessary.
4. Put the cleaned brush to dry.
5. Rinse the mat.

Package included

1x make-up brush cleaning mat

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